From ad diagnosis to evaluating results - online marketing from the beginning to the end!

Four steps to effectively delivering your ad to your customers.
First, we perform an in-depth diagnosis of the advertiser’s current account management and a systematic evaluation of
your business type. Then, accurate comparisons and analysis of your competitors provide you with an insight to the
competitive landscape. Proper diagnosis of your online campaign is a stepping stone to high performance.

  • Step.01


    Evaluate your current ad performance
    Analysis of your business type
    Comparison and analysis of your competitors

  • Step.02


    Stronger campaign strategy
    Strategies catering to specific business type/season/targeting.
    An optimized media mix that responds to your campaign objectives
    Website evaluation and consulting

  • Step.03


    Integral campaign setting and management
    - Real-time monitoring
    - Bid monitoring

  • Step.04

    Performance Assessment

    Performance report
    Campaign strategy adjustments

An individually catered plan across a variety of digital ad products

Each ad product approaches tits users in its own way. Solid campaign management must take into account their specific characteristics. With our powerful understanding of Naver search advertising, we mix a dazzling array of digital components into a solid ad campaign. NSM only provides the optimal ad products to our clients.

  • Search Advertising

    Accurate targeting & high efficiency

  • Display Advertising

    Maximum impression

  • Local Information Advertising

    Region+Business type keyword

  • Mobile Advertising

    Unlimited by time and space

  • News Media Advertising

    Impression through newspaper, community

  • Retargeting Advertising

    Repeated impression to existing visitor

  • Video Advertising

    Promotional video that delivers product information to consumers

  • SNS Advertising

    Impression through facebook, instagram etc.

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1. Personal data gathering and use
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2. Information we collect
Obligated area: Your name, email, phone number, and website url.

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